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Scalp Micropigmentation is a rapidly growing hair loss solution for both men and women all over the world. The effects last for a long period of time and the process is very similar to tattooing. It is often referred to as a scalp tattoo or cosmetic hair but these terms aren’t completely accurate.

We see Scalp Micropigmentation as a semi-permanent cosmetic solution to hair loss that ensures an instant but long term solution. It often boosts one’s self confidence and helps ease the crippling anxiety caused by hair loss. We believe it is a technique that is disrupting the hair loss industry and at SMP HQ we’re proud to provide this service to both men and women in Melbourne.

After completing all of your treatment sessions and following the initial aftercare instructions you can sit back and enjoy the results. After that we suggest having a touch up within 4-8 years. This is a permanent procedure which will last forever, but the natural exfoliation process of the skin and continuous sun exposure will cause your SMP to lighten slightly over time. The pigments will never discolor rather become a lighter shade. We outline below some of the common questions associated with this topic:

What Are The Factors That Make Scalp Micropigmentation Fade Away?

Following are some factors that contribute to the fading of your SMP:

  • Exposure to UV rays or sunlight
  • Texture and oil production of your scalp
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation
  • Not wearing sunscreen of certain SPF when going outside
  • Your natural immune system

How Often Would I Need Touch-Ups?

This depends on the rate at which your coloration is fading. When SMP ink is deposited, it sits around 2 layers beneath the skin. As the skin naturally exfoliates, the possibility of fading may be increased. Some people feel the need for touch-ups after three years. While most do their touch-ups after 4-8 years. A touch-up can refresh your look instantly. You can also do a touch-up if you want to add density or want to cover more area.

Overall, this is a long lasting hair loss solution that can provide lifelong positive results. SMP is also a journey so anyone considering should have a clear understanding of the future requirements.

At SMP HQ we pride ourselves on creating the most natural looking hairlines and utilise the best pigments to achieve the best results possible for our clients. SMP HQ offers a three month guarantee with our treatment plans so in the case there is some lightening of the pigments we can touch it up on us. Get in touch to find out more or read more about our treatments today.