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There are many reasons why women may suffer from hair loss. The most common causes are: 

  • Stress
  • Medication
  • Menopause
  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Trauma

At SMP HQ we have completed Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) on a variety of female clients with differing circumstances.  SMP can be a very efficient and effective solution for women wanting to create an appearance of fuller, thicker and more dense hair. There is no particular age group, demographic or gender that is excluded in SMP and we enjoy helping both men and women alike get their confidence back through our treatments.

Is SMP Appropriate for Women?

In most circumstances, SMP is traditionally associated with men who are undergoing hair loss, often due to male pattern baldness. That being said,  it is perfectly suitable for women to take advantage of the treatments as well.

Commonly, when a man loses his hair, generally he goes bald in a predictable pattern that includes recession of their frontal hairline, thinning of the crown, followed by total baldness. In comparison, when women lose their hair, it usually results in gradual thinning. This means women lose their hair more evenly across their entire scalp and will likely not become completely bald. As a result, SMP can be used very effectively in their favour.

Why Should Women Consider SMP Treatments?

The majority of women undertaking SMP treatments are looking to camouflage the effects of female hair loss. It is common to see hair thinning in areas that have been pulled tight, or patches and completely thinning segments. SMP helps mask the severity of these common hair loss issues.

Secondly, a popular reason to undergo SMP is to help minimise the look of scars or blemishes on the scalp area. Scar concealment and strategically implemented SMP can greatly reduce the look of scarring on the scalp.

Overall, SMP is a modern hair loss treatment solution and a great option for women looking to camouflage thinning or troublesome areas on their scalp. This is a cost-effective, semi-permanent solution that will boost your confidence instantly and majority of women still have their existing hair density to help make the overall result look as natural as possible.

At SMP HQ we pride ourselves on creating the most natural looking hairlines and utilise the best pigments to achieve the best results possible for our clients. SMP HQ offers a three month guarantee with our treatment plans. Get in touch to find out more or read more about our treatments today.